The Klezmatics – Fraddes Song chords

[Intro]Am(pluck strings 1-2-3-2-1-2-3-2-1-2-3-2-1-2-3-2)
[Verse 1]
Am C Dm AmSoon to the canopy you will be led;
Dm Am CYour mother arrives from the world of the dead
F C G AmAnd she comes to your wedding in silver and gold
Dm AmShe offers her hand for the angels to hold
[Verse 2]
G C G C GOh, Chanele's daughter's a glorious bride!
F C G AmDoes Chanele glitter with gold or with pride?
Dm Am C DmAnd Chanah your mother says, bursting with joy
Am G Am"My Leah is marrying a wonderful boy!"
[Verse 3]
C G Am GBut suddenly, Chanele, why do you sigh?
F C G AmAnd why does your heart break, and why do you cry?
Dm Am C Dm"Strangers are leading the bridal parade
Am G AmWhile I stand unseen, alone and afraid."
[Interlude] Am [Verse 4]
Am C Dm AmThe living are dancing with those that they see
Dm Am CAnd only the dead will be dancing with me
F C G AmAnd the daughter of Chanah is married that day
Dm AmTo the bridegroom who's waiting to dance her away
[Verse 5]
G C G C GAnd that's the klezmorim, they sing and they play
F C G AmAnd all through the dancing the spirits they stray
Dm Am C DmThe prophet Elijah, he dances and sings
Am G AmAnd silver and gold are the blessings he brings
[Verse 6]
C G Am GAnd shekels slop over the prophet's gold cup
F C G AmAnd the dead and the living both gobble them up
Dm Am C DmSoon to the canopy you will be led;
Am G AmYour mother arrives from the world of the dead
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