Our Hearts Burn Like Damp Matches chords with lyrics by The Leisure Society - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Leisure Society – Our Hearts Burn Like Damp Matches chords

A G Dmaj G

G A GTake a walk through scattered trees
A GTo the place where no one dreams
A D GServe my sentence and be done
A GAll human life here is scarred
A GPosture slipped and ill-attired
A DWe should all be redesigned
Bm D G A DHollow words sit silent in my mouth
Bm D G A DReasoned voices idle on the ground
A G DOur hears burn like damp matches
G D A DTurn then attack us, burst and then break
A G DEmbers plucked from the ashes
G D A D GGlow to attract us, lure us away
A GEvery day arrives too late
A GEvery morning seems the same
A D GStale regrets and dull routine
A GKnow at last your weathered soul
A GKnow your tethers clung with soil
A DAnd the reasons for it all
Bm D G A DTrust in me and I will trust in you
Bm D G A DHold me close and I will hold you too
[Outro] A D G D D A D
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