And The Ship Sails On chords with lyrics by The Lilac Time - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Lilac Time – And The Ship Sails On chords

C FOne from the heart could be
C FThe East Village eye should be
C AmFluorescent lights above the kiss goodnight
F GAnd love will always stay
CBeyond words
C F x2
C FThe first breath of Spring must be
C FThe last days of school might be
C AmThe first taste of forbidden fruits
F GAnd dancing with a girl who can afford good suits
C FYour lips on my neck
C FSunbathing on the deck
COf the love boat
AmIn clover we float
F GA happiness that makes you choke
C FBeyond words
GThe words of love and of disgust
FAre lost in the wind like so much dust
GThe talks break down
Two lovers kiss
FWhat words in the world
C FAre we gonna miss?
C FAnd the ship sails on
C FAnd when our lives have gone
C AmWhat epitaph will mean a thing?
F GWhat're you gonna say when the phone don't ring?
C FWas your life quite good?
C FAnd were your book shelves made out of wood?
C AmTo hold the books they write when their heroes die
F GAnd the loss they always find
C FBeyond words
C FAnd the ship sails on...
(Beyond words...) And the ship sails on...
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