Forever And The Stars chords with lyrics by The Lone Ghosts - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Lone Ghosts – Forever And The Stars chords

[Verse 1]
F CFallen words like leaves
Am EChanging color beneath our feet
F CWhat once to me was frightful
Am E F C Am ENow becomes delightful
C Am E F FmI've been feeling sorry for myself
C Am E F FmIt's not going very well
C Am E F FmI just wanted you to lay under the stars with me
C Am E F FmBut i know you'll have to leave me soon
[Verse 2]
F C Am EThere comes a time when we all must lay down to sleep
F C Am EI just want you to know this all has been a dream for me
F C Am EHaving your head there so comfortingly
F C Am EResting under the stars so peacefully
CTruth is
Am E F FmI'm not going very far
C Am E F FmBut at least i made you laugh
C AmBy acting stupid and courageous
E F FmSo won't you stay here with me?
C Am E F FmCos i'm not worried anymore
F CHold me tighter
Am ECos im not feeling well
F CHold me closer
Am EYou're not by yourself
F CWe'll make history
Am EYou and me, forever
F C Am EAnd the stars will watch it happen
C Am E F FmI'm so happy with myself
C Am E F FmAnd i feel like someone else
C AmYou've helped me through the dark, i've left my mark
E F FmNow we're stuck together
C Am E F FmBut i'm so happy for myself
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