The Lumineers – Leader Of The Landslide chords

[Intro] C F This is for the intro and 'Every night I saw you there...'Finger pick the bass note of each chord as much or as little as you feel works.e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|------1-----1------------1------1-----------------------------------------------------|G|---------------0-----0h2----0h2----0--------------------------------------------------|D|--0h2---0h2---(0)----3------3-----(0)-------------------------------------------------|A|--3-----3-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D7 'Is she dead' F 'is she fine'e|--1-----------------0----------------------------------------------------------|B|--3-----------------1----------------------------------------------------------|G|--2-----------------2----------------------------------------------------------|D|--0-----------------3----------------------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
[Verse 1]
C F (listen to song for strum pattern and timing) C Fe|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--1-----------1----------------------------------------------------------------|G|--0-----------2----------------------------------------------------------------|D|--2-----------3----------------------------------------------------------------|A|--3-----------3----------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
C F Give back my keys Give back my char
C F Take back those clothes you always left on the floor
C F You drove me wild, drove me insane
C F drank the whole bottle, forgot my name
D7 G All I ever wanted was a mother for the first time
D7 G Finally I could see you as the leader of the land slide
C E Am F C She left, she left, the writings on the wall
C E Am F Please believe me, I smell the alcohol
C E Am F The only thing I know, is that we're in too deep
C E Am F And maybe when she's dead and gone I'll get some sleep
'Out there all alone..' part is the same C E Am F chord progression
COut there all alone
EI was feeling so alone
AmLike a poltergeist in the
and the the oooh oooh oooh oohh gloria theme part is [Outro] F C G Am F C G Am F C G Am F
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