The Mountain Goats – Passaic 1975 chords

[verse 1]

D C Write something down in illegible script
E Am As we're approaching the landing strip
Dm Am New Gibson SG, inlaid with pearl
F G A Tonight Passaic
F G A tomorrow the world
D C In a Holiday Inn by a nameless river
E Am Renew the assault on my lungs and my liver
Dm Am And while I'm waiting for the company man
F G ASlip on my kimono
F G Athat I bought in Japan
A DTell the crowd, tell the world
A DI want everyone to get high
A DTell the press, tell the cameras
A DI want everyone to get high
G A [Verse 2]
D C And the tech crew in Memphis has a present for me
E A screen that scrolls lyrics
Am Like the ones they have on TV
Dm Am The deluxe model, one of only four thousand made
F G A Black out that night
F G A in front of ten thousand paid
G FIn the back lounge, in between stops
E AmContingency plans in case the new one flops
G# GSometimes I wake up coughing up blood
F G ATonight IndianapoliS
F G Atomorrow the flood
A DTell the person next to you
A DI want everyone to get high
A DTell your boss, tell your mother
A DI want everyone to get high
GGet high
[Outro] D A (3x) D G A
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