Before I Go Upstairs chords with lyrics by The Never Ending - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Never Ending – Before I Go Upstairs chords

B    E  B   G#m E

[Verse 1]
BI'll be back before bars close
E B EI'll be tall before grass grows
BI left there long ago
G#m E'Cause that house ain't my home
FI will need the warnings you speak
[Chorus 1]
G# EBefore you go upstairs
G# F# EBefore you go upstairs
[Verse 2]
B E B G#m EFour different stories in one single story there
A#There are things privileged
E D# B A# B EAnd some things so unfair
F#I will heed the warnings you speak
[Chorus 2]
Gm F EBefore we go upstairs
Gm A# E A#Before we go upstairs
[Verse 3]
N.C.Time is tryin' to kill me
G#m E A# B EBut foolishness will beat him to it
A#I hear tales of things I shouldn't
E B A# ERight before I start to do it
D FI'll bide my time, hide my crimes
[Chorus 3]
Gm F EBefore I go upstairs
Gm F# EBefore I go upstairs
A# D# A# [Verse 4]
N.C.I got dirt beneath my feet
N.CA lot of world for me to see
D A# Trouble haunts me in my sleep
E A#I got places I should be
D F F# One day soon, in my dark room
Gm F D#Before I go upstairs
E F EBefore you go upstairs
Gm F EOh, before we go upstairs
Gm F# EBefore I go upstairs
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