La Mort chords with lyrics by The Rare Occasions - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Rare Occasions – La Mort chords

[Verse 1]
G Bm Em EbIf time was asleep and the stars were awake
G Bm Em EbWould you still make that one fateful mistake?
G Bm Em EbAll of the things I have seen in the past
G Bm Em EbWere nothing so special, were not meant to last
[Verse 2]
G Bm Em EbWide-eyed and restless and duly prolonged
G Bm Em EbChaque fois que la mort pleure je ris de ma tombe
G Bm Em EbLost in a vision and found by the sea
G Bm Em EbShameless devotion don't mean much to me
N.C.Supper's on the stove, darling
[Verse 3]
G Bm GPlease let me down 'cause I'm lost in the sound I don't know
G Bm GI tried and I tried but I can't get it right anymore
G Bm GShapeless convictions have found me and swept me away
G Bm GNow that you're gone I see no sense in having to stay
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