The Symposium – Soft Love chords

Dm7    |   G   |C      |       |
Dm7    |   G   |C      |       |

Dm7 G C I never knew someone like you could make me blue
In just a moment or two
Dm7But I'm stuck in the times, you could call it what you want
C AmI'€™m losing my marbles and it's all in my phone
C I'll keep it simple now (keep it simple)
D I'€™ll keep it gold (keep it gold)
G Em I'll keep it so you'd never wanna be alone
C DMove so slowly
G EmOh is there anybody else
C DSometimes I get to feel it
Move so slowly
G EmYou've got me thinking '€˜bout your health
Am7 | D |G | Em | Am7 | D |G | Em | [Pre-chorus]
C It's nothing wrong
D It's nothing new
G Em This might sound crazy but it's killing me
CAll the way in the field
D G EmYou could call it lack of motive, love
(Move so slowly) (And I really wanna make sure I know... [Chorus]
C D G Em Move so slowly, oh is there anybody else the hell to know)
C D Sometimes I get to feel it
(Move so slowly) (When to take the situation leave it and go)
G Em Am7You've got me thinking '€˜bout your health
(How to change a made mind)
D GBut it doesn't matter no more
Em AmIt'€™s harder when you try because I'€™m stuck in the times
D G EmAnd it doesn't matter
Dm7 | G |C | Am | Dm7 | [Outro] D |F#m |D |F#m | D |F#m |D |F#m | D |F#m |D |F#m | Bm |F#m |Bm |F#m | Bm |F#m |Bm |F#m | Em7 |A |D F#m |Bm | Em7 |A |D F#m |Bm | Em7 |A |D F#m |Bm | D |F#m |D |F#m | Bm |F#m |Bm |F#m | Bm |F#m |Bm |F#m | Em7 |A |D F#m |Bm | Em7 |A |D F#m |Bm | Em7 |A |D F#m |Bm | D |F#m |D |F#m | Bm |F#m |Bm |F#m | Bm |F#m |Bm |F#m | Bm |F#m |
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