The Temper Trap – Miracle chords

[Verse 1]

Am G F DmA little seed will grow into a tree
Am G F DmLeaving us in wonder as it sleeps
Am G F DmWho on Earth can fathom, who on Earth can know?
Am G F DmThat you were just a thought in your maker's eyes
Am G F DmAnd I may not always believe
Am G F DmBut you're nothing short of a miracle
[Verse 2]
Am G F DmFeeble, tiny hands bound for greatness
Am G F DmYou will rise and fall like the rest of us
Am G F DmLove will keep you up, and always be a crutch
Am G F DmThat will see you through to the very last
Am G F DmClever minds will second guess
Am G F DmBut to me, you're a living miracle
C Dm AmSomething else comes over me
C Dm AmGrace has come to set me free
C Dm B F DmIn your hands, you hold a new forever
Am G F DmWe may not always believe
Am G F DmPast which side we rarely see
Am G F DmPride and lust is our disease
Am G F DmAnd the cure is you, little miracle
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