Down River chords with lyrics by The Temper Trap - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Temper Trap – Down River chords

The Temper Trap
Conditions (2009)
Down River

Chords used:

G:        (320033)
G2:       (x20030)
Em7:      (022033)
Cadd9:    (032033)

Intro: G, Em7, G, Em7 (You can mute the chords and just play
the top two strings for a better sound.)
G Em7 Finally
G Em7We have seen some things
G Em7Some awfully nice
G Cadd9Some dreadfully bad
G Em7But we will sing
G Em7Wash the blood, off our knees
G Em7Cause our love breaks
G Cadd9 Through rough seas, our ship will sail it
G Em7I, don't, understand
G2 Cadd9How this world will work
G Em7Cause time will tell us nothing
G2 Cadd9I'll take a chance on something
G, G, Em7, Em7 (muted)
GDown river, down river
Em7Down river, down…
G, G, Em7, Em7 (muted)
GGo, don't stop, go, don't stop
Em7Go, don't stop, go, don't stop
Now go.. (same pattern for the rest of the song) Finally We have seen some things But bells in your hallways Don't move you in the right place So we will sing Cast our hopes out to sea Though our hears break Through violent winds, our ship will sail it - That's about it played in its most simplest form.
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