The Tolkien Ensemble – Galadriels Song Of Eldamar chords

N.C "This is a Galadriel' song of Lórien which she sang on the swan-ship before giving the Fellowship their gifts,
N.Con the Day they departed from Lothlorien"
N.C"Lyrics by J.R.R. Tolkien"
[Verse 1]
Em DI sang of leaves, of leaves of gold, and
C H7 Emleaves of gold there grew
Em DOf wind I sang, a wind there came
C H7 Emand in the branches blew
G DBeyond the Sun, beyond the Moon
Em Dthe foam was on the Sea,
Em DAnd by the strand of Ilmarin
C H7 EmThere grew a Golden Tree
[Verse 2]
Em DBeneath the stars of Ever-eve
C DIn Eldamar it shone
Em DIn Eldamar beside the walls
C H7 Emof Elven Tirion
[Verse 3]
G DThere long the golden leaves have grown
Em Dupon the branching years
Em DWhile here beyond the Sundering Seas
C H7 EmNow fall the Elven tears
[Verse 4]
G DO Lorien! The Winter comes,
Em C Dthe bare and leafless Day.
Em DThe leaves are falling in the stream,
C H7 EmThe river flows away
G DO Lorien! Too long I have
Em Ddwelt upon this hither shore
Em DAnd in the fading crown have twined
C H7 Emthe golden Elanor
[Verse 5]
Em DBut if of ships I now should sing,
C Dwhat ship would come to me,
Em DWhat ship would bear me ever back
C H7 Emacross so wide a Sea?
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