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The Youngbloods – Tears Are Falling chords




C F Bb FTears are falling from your eyes
C F Bb F DmYou've been hurt by others' lies about me, about me
Bb Dm They say my love is wrong for you, Babe
Bb Dm Am They say it won't be long before I walk out on you
Bb GmSay the fun is through, get me someone new
F C F Bb FAnd do you believe them, little fool?
C F Bb FTurn your back and walk away
C F Bb F DmListen to your people say about me, about me
Bb Dm He's never satisfied with you, Baby
Bb Dm Am Lord, he never said he'd die for you and he doesn't mind
Bb GmIf you're left behind, yeah, we know he's kind
F C F Bb FAnd do you believe them, little fool?
Eb F Eb F Bb Gm Gm7 Gm6I don't understand who you think I am. Am I your man? Am I your man?
C F Bb FHearts can see but eyes are blind
C F Bb F DmNo one knows my second mind, no one but me, no one but me
Bb Dm You know how you feel, Babe
Bb Dm Yes, and that is all that's real and
Am Bb GmIf I say what I feel today won't fade away
F C FThen, you'll believe it, little fool!
Bb F Bb F Bb F- Ah, yes you will, - yes you will now
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