ThnxCya – Never Say Goodbye chords

AmOn the other side of the lake i knew
FStood a girl i know it's true
CSo what else could i do?
GSo i said hi to you
AmThree years and it went great
FOur house by a lake
C GSunset of another perfect day
FOh but that one night
CIt didn't feel right
AmCause there was something
GI wasn't trusting
FA face at the window well
CIt scared you half to hell
Am EMight be a long night I can tell
FOh I swear to you
CI'll be there for you
G Am GAlthough the zombies are coming for us tonight
FKnock on our door
CWonder what they're here for
GWish I had an iron sword
Am GI'd fight until that sunrise comes
FThey'll try and get us
CBite us and infect us
GWith nothing to protect us
Am GTo me you are precious
FCause oh I swear to you
CI'll take care of you
G Am G AmAlthough the zombies are coming for us tonight
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