Eighteenth Hole chords with lyrics by Tim Baker - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tim Baker – Eighteenth Hole chords

[Verse 1]
E*There she is
BmAloft in her long white dress
EBelonging with someone else (to somebody's world)
E Esus4/B I should have never left
(Add these chord transitions after first verse) E* C#m E Esus4/B E Esus4/BE|---0--0--0-----------0--0--0-----------0--0--0-----------0--0--0-----X--|B|---9--9--9-----------5--5--5-----------0--0--0-----------0--0--0-----X--|G|---9--9--9-----------6--6--6-----------1--1--2-----------1--1--2-----X--|D|---9--9--9--7h9-7-6--6--6--6--4h6-4-2--2--2--2--4h6-4-2--2--2--2-----X--|A|---7--7--7--7---7-7--4--4--4--4---4-4--2--2--2--4---4-4--2--2--2-----X--|E|---0--0--0-----------0--0--0-----------0--0--0-----------0--0--0-----X--|
[Verse 2]
E*Get me out of this
BmAnd into the south side hills
E Esus4/BWhere I can be calm and still
E Esus4/BSomething I never feel
[Verse 3]
E* Your so called friends
BmThey never understand
E Esus4/BThey want you to chill out man
E Esus4/BSomething you never can
Piano bridge (with variations on ending) E* EE|---9p7-------------------------------------------|B|-------- 12p10----9p7----------------------------|G|-------------------------9p6---9p6---6-----------| X3D|-----------------------------------9-------------|A|-------------------------7-----------------------|E|---0---------------------------------------------|
For the last two lines of build-up verse you can rake the pick back and fourth more intensely on the chords changes to get something similar to the piano buildup here before the change to B. [Verse 4] (build-up)
E* Emaj cascadeYour only hope
Bm Emaj cascadeIs to make like you want a smoke
E Esus4/B Just fade into the eighteenth hole
E EDon't even go back for your coat
A A A B B B Then soon
B B B A A AIt will be Suuun-daaay mornin'
A A A B B B And you know...
B B B A A AYour uncle will be Ooout heeere golfin'
A A A BSayin what have we here?
B C#m E* A(Oooo Oooo Ooo Ooo)
A A A BYeah crackin' his jokes
B C#m E* A(Oooo Oooo Ooo Ooo)
A A A BMaybe he'll give you a beer
B C#m E* A(Oooo Oooo Ooo Ooo)
A A A BMaybe he'll drive you home
B C#m E* A(Oooo Oooo Ooo Ooo)
A E* Bm E* AYou turn on your phone
[Verse 5] (calm again)
E*There she is
Bmcomin through a late night text
E Esus4/BWonderin' about her friend
E EI should have never left
[END] [Notes] Optional cascade for buildup verse This is where Tim shines. It's super weird on guitar, just skip if you just want to play the song. He plays a cascading scale in Emaj for the first two lines (start on 12, different pattern might work better)
All sorts of little chord changes on piano in the buildup section but those are the root chords. Hope you enjoy! Probably a good idea to simplify this version for casual playing.
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