Todd Snider – Framed chords

[Verse 1]
GHangin' around down on Somethin' To Do Street
I'm like the first dollar bill in a frame
CI'm watching media coverage of media coverage
GOf some kid who can't make peace with fame
DIt must be tough, man
GThe paparazzi and stuff, man
[Verse 2]
GOver serving my country under General Malaise
Said he wasn't making peace until they paid him a raise
CHe said that killing was paying like I didn't know how
GIf peace paid, we'd have it made by now
DWe'd have it new and improved by now
GIf it paid any
[Verse 3]
GI took a better job pouring fluoride in the water
For the son of the Bilderberg's only daughter
CI said, "How do you know?" She said, "You know how you just know
GSomethin' in your gut that you just gotta trust?
DWell, it's nothin' like that
GWe's just a-rich as all fuck is all"
[Instrumental] C G C D [Verse 4]
GSetting the London Bank Association LIBOR rate
Framed for calling out the United States
CAll-time, prison time, wartime economy
GNow it all seems so far off of the wall to me
D GI'm watching every other dollar making change
CBut me, I've been framed
GI've been framed
DI'm like the first dollar bill on the wall
G C GFramed
[Outro] C G C D G
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