Ready To Win chords with lyrics by Tokyo Police Club - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tokyo Police Club – Ready To Win chords


[Verse 1]
GI fucked up today, I fucked up before
GI fucked up so much I can't keep track anymore
CI fucked up on girls, I fucked up this song
GI fucked up on my sister, my dad, and my mom
GI fucked up on everyone, I fucked up on me
GI fucked up with money, and man, nothing is free
CI fucked up on Letterman, I fucked up on stage
GI fucked up on time and I fucked up too late
D C G GBut now, I am ready to win
[Verse 2]
GI stand on a river, I stand on a stage
GHoping for glory, or maybe today
C'Cause it's all a mistake, and a beautiful mess
GLike your next door neighbor when you saw him undress
GAnd I'll do it forever, do nothing but fail
GA student of error who can only prevail
C'Cuse learning is trying and trying is hard
GWhen it feels like falling's going to tear you apart
D C GBut now, I am ready to win
D C G GYeah, now, I am ready
[Verse 3]
GSo turn on the house lights, turn to your left
GShake hands with someone that you'll probably forget
CAnd tell them they're great, tell them they're splendid
GNo matter how all of their fuckups have ended
GTell them they're free from whatever happened
GFrom all of the haters who need someone to slap them
CJust go and fuck up, fuck up fucking up
GNothing but fucking up, never e-fucking-nough
G*And then you'll be strong, and then you'll be fearless
G*'Cause you've done it all, and your tear ducts are tearless
C*Then you'll remember, there's a fire in your heart
G*And a dream in your head, and permission to start
G*And from out of the silence you will hear your voice
G*Like a big fucking siren and you won't have a choice
C*And you will stand up, throw caution to the wind
G*And you will scream out that you are ready to win
D CAre you ready?
G GReady to win
[Instrumental] |Em |Em |C |C |G |G | |Em |Em |C |C |D [Verse 4]
G'Cause everyone's weak and everyone's drunk
GAnd everyone's smart but usually wrong
CAnd Rome wasn't built on a fucking cliche
GAnd I love you all in the best fucking way
GFuck up like a pro, fuck up like a saint
GFuck up for the terrified people in wait
CBecause the good things are hard and the hard things are good
GYou know I'd fuck up for you if I could
D C G GBut now, you are ready to win
D C G GAnd now, you are ready to win
D DAnd now, I am ready
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