Tom Grennan – City Of Stars chords

Gm C x2

[Verse 1]
Gm CCity of stars
DmAre you shining just for me?
Gm CCity of stars
FThere's so much that I can't see
[Verse 2]
GmWho knows
C F*I felt it from the first embrace
Fmaj7 Dm7I shared with you
Gm A7That now our dreams
DmMay finally come true
[Verse 3]
Gm CCity of stars
Dm7 Dm7/A Dm7Just one thing everybody wants
Gm CThere in the bars
FAnd through the smokescreen of the crowded restaurants
[Verse 4]
GmIt's love
C F*Yes all we're looking for is love
Fmaj7 Dm7From someone else
(Play once)
Gm C7I rush, I glance, I touch, I dance
A# CI look in somebody's eyes
A7To light up the skies
DmTo open the world, send it reeling
A# CA voice that says I'll be here
DmAnd you'll be alright
A# CI don't care if I know
AJust where I will go
Dm'Cause all that I need
This crazy feeling
A# A7A rat-tat-tat on my horns
DmI think I want it to stay
[Verse 5]
Gm CCity of stars
FAre you shining just for me?
Gm A7City of stars ^(Play once)
DmYou'll never shine so brightly
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