Cold Fingers chords with lyrics by Tony Joe White - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tony Joe White – Cold Fingers chords

Am D Am G

[Verse 1]
Am EmI got cold fingers
D Amand a guitar in my hand
EmA song down in my soul
D AmI hope somebody understands
F E DSometimes the heart is heavy and the courage gone...
Dm EmAnd the fingers have to play the song
Amall alone
[Verse 2]
Am EmGot a storm on my shoulders
D Amand the thunder crashes down
EmHow can I feel so alone
D Amwith so many people gathered round
F EI embrace the silence
Dlike an old friend
Dm Emand I wonder if I'll ever feel
Amwarm again
Am Em D Am Em D Am F E D Dm AmIntermezzo
[Verse 3]
Am EmI got cold fingers
D Amand woman waiting for my touch
EmI don't want her to feel the chill
D Amlord I need her so much
F EShe lies there unforgettable
Din the dark
Then she whispers
Dm Emdon't worry about your hand baby
Amlets just get it on
Am EmI got cold fingers.......
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