Tony Joe White – I Want My Fleetwood Back chords

A       A       A       A
A       A       A       A

[Verse 1]
A A A ALiving down in Memphis, back in '75, we were scuffling hard just barely staying alive,
D D A Amoney's kind of scarce when you're just an opening act,
E D A A A Alast thing on my mind was a Fleetwood Cadillac.
[Verse 2]
A A A AWe were cruising downtown just on a Sunday drive, I looked out on a car lot and something caught my eye:
A A A was Baby Blue, had a rolls royce grill, a continental kit and silver spokes on the wheels.
D D A AI put some money down and I told the man I would be back,
E D A AI knew I had to have that Fleetwood Cadillac.
[Solo] A A A A D D A A E D A A [Verse 3]
A A A AI drove it up to Nashville, I was feeling kinda proud but the billies: said it's gaudy, just too loud.
D D A AThat's all right, I was willing to take a little flak,
E D A Ayou do what you must do for a Fleetwood Cadillac.
[Interlude] A A A A [Verse 4]
A A A AIt was just too long, wouldn't fit in my garage, Uncle Sam was in the distance and it was not a mirage,
D D A Asaid he needed money for some previous income tax,
E D A Aoh, I had to let it go but now I want my Fleetwood back.
[Solo] A A A A D D A A E D A A [Verse 4]
A A A AThe new Cadillacs, it's hard to even tell 'em, the colors ain't too cool and they're shaped like a
D D A Awatermelon; if they give me one I don't think I would even react,
E D A Aone thing on my mind: I want my Fleetwood back.
[Outro 1] A A A A / D D A A / E D A A / x3 [Outro 2] A A A A D D A A E D A A N.C.
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