Tori Amos – Thoughts chords

G5   C5    G7sus4    C

[Verse 1]
C5Thoughts right now
I picked up a magazine
Gm Bb Am COh, here they go
C9 Gm Am Csus4Fifteen hundred years
C Gm Ebsus2Fifteen hundred years right here
Bb/D Ebsus2Oh, burning witches, burning books
Eb Bb FBurning babies in their looks
Fsus4 F Csus4 CYes, indeed
Gm Bb Bbmaj9 F/C C F/C G9sus4 C/G Csus4 C Burning everything that's sacred in my jeans, yeah
[Verse 2]
Gm CThoughts right now
Gm CShe's been everybody else's girl
Gm Am Bb CThoughts right now. Right..
G5 Bb5 F/AThoughts right now, right, right now
Bb C GAm I here, oh am I here
Bb Cbsus4 C G7 F/A Bb CI'm never here, I'm never here, I'm never here
Dmadd11 Bbsus2 CI am never, never a bird
Gm/D Gm11or a flower in the tree
C/E Bb/F For the pain of the respect thereof
Bbsus2 C Gm AmYes, indeed
[Verse 3]
Gm CThoughts right now
Gm CWhat will become of me
D5Become of her
Bb5 C5 GmBecome of we, babe, yeah
C GmAh.............
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