Tripod – Underground chords

[Verse 1]
Bm EmTake a look round lively old London
Bm F#mBuzzing crowds we sweat and we revel,
Em F#mRed-cheeked shouts and songs
Bm Bm/AIn the flicker of the gaslight.
Bm EmEager Blighty bursts from the cobblestones
Bm F#mRacing, climbing, blooming fertility
Em F#m BmBorn from secret seeds that were scattered in the night time.
Bm F#mLondon is fed upon the meat of the dead.
Em F#mThey're one shallow inch below the town.
Em Bm F#m BmUnderground underground leave them underground.
[Verse 2]
Bm EmThem that whispered dreams that only poisoned us
Bm F#mThem that told us lies of their bravery
Em F#m Bm Bm/AThem that preached of progress and put us in the poorhouse.
Bm EmThem done horrid murder on bloody stages
Bm F#mThem that loudly crowed their humility
Em F#m BmLords and dames that sung in the chapels on a Sunday
Bm F#mAll quiet now their mouths are stopped by mud
Em F#mThey lie flung in rags and make no sound.
Em Bm F#m BmUnderground underground leave them underground.
[Instrumental] D A Em G A Bm [Outtro]
DThose who fought for something better
A EmThose who taught by how they lived.
G A BmLoved ones taken long before their work was done.
Em Bm A BmUnderground, Underground, leave them Underground (x4)
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