Tristen – Red Lava chords

C   C   C   C

[Verse 1]
C GRed lava flows so slowly
F C GThere is no way to damp it down
C Gand as my anger grows, I notice
F C Git petrifies the bystander
Em F Chow I pitied you as the dull one was layering
Em F C Ghow I hoped the pressure ridge would be the end
[Verse 2]
C Gand I begged you to stand by me
F Ceven though the burn was slow
GI knew it would consume you
F Cand I watched you fight for your life
Gas the magma killed our love
F Cand I watched the sadness in your eyes
Gas lava slowly covered you
C Gand afterwards you were cold
F Ccolorless and hard
F Cyou were burned too badly to recover
G Cas I so innocently hovered
[Solo] |(C) | G | F C | G | [Chorus]
C G and I didn't need to hurt you
Fred lava flows
Fmred lava flows
C G I didn't need to hurt you
Dm7 Fred lava flows
Dm7 Fred lava flows
Dm7 F C Bb F Cred lava flows so slow
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