Tropidelic – If I Die Tomorrow chords

GIf I die tomorrow don't cry for me
DTake my ass to Allegheny
Fm CAll this time I've failed to see how great it was to live breathe
GIf I die tomorrow some day I will
DThere won't be big shoes to fill
FmI don't need no stairway please,
CLet me climb out my own hell...
Am C Am G DOoooooooh.... Ooooooooooh...
GAnd if I don't reach that summit
D FmBeen too funny, Truth will come and justify
Cthe way I've lived my life
GHope my people stay good and prosper
D FmHere's my offer love will conquer all
CIt took me too long before I saw
Am C G G#m Am G D Aaaaah...
GIf I die tomorrow well I hope you know
DLove continues like an ebb and flow
FmWisdom that's been given to me
CSomething I know I live and breathe
GIf I die tomorrow I will think of you
Dknowing I did all I could do
FmDeep inside I hope you know it too
CHeart is coming and it's ever true
Am C Am G DOoooooooh.... Ooooooooooh...
GIf I die tomorrow I'll be grateful for
DWhat I've done and so much more
Fm CNo regrets won't second guess the man that I've become
GIf I die tomorrow will you think of me
D FmWill I drift away into the sea, become a distant memory
CAnd now I've come undone...
[Outro] G D Fm C
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