Tyler Childers – Adam chords

  [Verse 1]
AmIf you won't pull the trigger
CWill you lay that pistol down?
G'Cause you're scaring me to death
F G AmThe way you twirl that thing around
AmAnd if you're restless for the highway
CShe's an easy one to please
GBlacktop skin on rubber
F G AmYou can run her 'til she screams
[Chorus 1]
FOh, but you just [wanna cut a shine?]
GMore than you wanna go
AmYou can't stand the city
F G AmAnd you can't take it here at home
[Verse 2]
AmWe could bring this town to Jesus
CBaptize every hill
GAnd still there'd be some heathens
F G AmWho would never get their fill
AmAnd yeah, this county's got its demons
CAnd I reckon I got mine
GBut even if I shook them, Lord
F G AmThey'd chase me 'cross the line
[Chorus 2]
FOh, but you just [wanna cut a shine?]
GMore than you wanna leave
AmThe city ain't much different, boys
F G AmIt's just bigger, bitter streets
FBelieve me
[Verse 3]
AmIt takes half a pint of poison
CJust to bring you to your feet
GStumble out the back door
F G AmAnd crumble to your knees
AmAnd if I gambled like I used to
CIf I had to point the blame
GIt wouldn't be that mountain girl
F G AmWho stole your heart away
[Chorus 3]
F'Cause all you really wanna do
GIs [cut yourself a shine?]
AmGod almighty, Adam
F G AmWon't you leave this town behind
FBelieve me
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