Tyler Childers – Junction City Queen chords


[Verse 1]
G C D GOh dance with me, junction city queen
C D GJust to hold you would be the greatest thing
C D D7 EmJust spinnin' around to the sound of the jukebox so low
C D GAnd as the time fades, I pray that it goes by slow
[Verse 2]
G C D GOh sing for me, junction city queen
C D GWell you sound like an angel, so it seems
C D D7 Em'Cause everything stops, as we pray you don't go
C D GIn the mornin' back to Ohio
C DBut I find myself with empty arms
G G/F# EmAnd a head thats full of dreams
C D GOf my junction city queen
[Verse 3]
G C D GWon't you wait for me, junction city queen?
C D GWell I'm headed that way, and I'm pickin' up steam
C D D7 EmAnd I know for a while I'll be fine until I must leave
C D GAnd wait for the next time that I see my queen
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