U2 – Hold Me Thrill Me tab

Intro is

E-799(5th string)- 2xD-577(5th string)- 1xB-799(6th string) 1xG-355(6th string)- 3x
Verse is
E-799(5TH STRING) 16XA-577(6TH STRING) 4XG-355(6TH STRING) 4X
B-799(6TH STRING) 3XA-577(6TH STRING) 2XF-133(6TH STRING) 3XG-355(6TH STRING) 2X
THE LEAD PART DURING THAT IS ALL ON THE 3RD STRING. --9-8-6-8-9--5--7-5-5-4- repeat that 2 or 3x. Well that's it. except when you end the song, yopu end it with the intro, but on the last time of intro, instead of hitting the G 3 times, hit the F-133(6th string) 3times., Hey Ryan,Bryan,Mike, and Adam. From Sykesville
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