U2 - Please tab


U2 from the album "POP"

Tune down 1/2 step...

Riff 1 (Rhythm)

Riff 2 (Some distorsion)
Riff 1 So you never knew love until you crossed the line of grace and you never felt wanted till you had someone slap your face so you never felt alive until you almost wasted away Bm You had to win A you couldn't just pass the smartest ass Bm at the top of the class your flying colours A your family tree Bm and all your lessons in history Riff 2 Please...please...please...get up off your knees... please...please...please...please Riff 1 And you never knew how low you'd stoop to make that call and you never knew what was on the ground till they made you crawl and you never knew that the heaven you keep you stole Bm Your catholic blues A your convent shoes your stick on tatoos Bm now they're making the news your holy war A your northern star your sermon on the mount Bm from the boot of your car Riff 2 Please...please...please...get up off your knees... please...please...please...leave me out of this please Bm A A Bm So love is hard and love is tough Bm A Em Bm but love is not what you're thinking of
Riff 3 (wah-wah) Bm A Bme-------------------------------|------------------------------|--B-------------------------------|------------------------------|--G--4--4-2---2---2---2---2-------|--4-2-----2---2---2---2-------|--D--4------4---4---4---4---4-2---|--------4---4---4---4---4-2---|--A-----------------------------0-|----------------------------2-|--E-------------------------------|------------------------------|--
Riff 3 September...streets capsizing...spilling over down the rain... shards of glass splinters like rain but you could only feel your own pain... october...talking getting nowhere... november...december...remember... are we just starting again... Riff 4
Riff 4 Please...please...please...get up off your knees... please...please...please...please
Riff 5 (rhythm) Bm Ae-----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|---B----5---5---5---5----5-|---2---2---2---2----2-|---5---5---5---5----5-|---G--4---4---4---4---4----|-4---4---4---4---4----|-4---4---4---4---4----|---D-----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|---A-----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|---E-----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|---
Riff 6 (rhythm) Bm Ae------------------------|---B----5---5---5---5----3--|---G--4---4---4---4---4-----|---D------------------------|---A------------------------|---E------------------------|---
Riff 5 So love is big bigger than us but love is not what you're thinking of Riff 6 it's what lovers deal it's what lovers steal you know I've found it hard to receive Bm A Em Riff 7 'cause you my love I could never believe Riff 7
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