U2 – Surrender tab

tune down 1/2 step...

Verses: A-D-E-D-A

A: 5 7 7 6 5 5
D: 5 5 7 7 7 x 
E: 7 7 9 9 9 x

during the "Surrender" parts...:

Riff A:e--12-12/10-10--12----12--12/12-10-10--12----12-------A--12-12/10-10-----12-----12/12-10-10-----12----------G--------------------------------------------------------D--------------------------------------------------------B--------------------------------------------------------E--------------------------------------------------------
A D E The city's alight D A With lovers and lies D E Bright blue eyes D A The city is bright D E It's brighter than day tonight (Riff A) Surrender A D E A Surrender A D Sadie said she couldn't E D Work out what it was all about A And so she let go D E D Now Sadie's on the street A And the people she meets you know D She tried to be a good girl And a good wife E Raise a good family D Lead a good life A It's not good enough D E She got herself up on the 48th floor D Got to find out, find out A What she's living for (Riff A) Surrender (Solo) Tonight Oh, the city's a fire A passionate flame Which knows me by name The city's desire To take me for more and more It's in the street getting under my feet It's in the air, it's everywhere I look for you It's in the things I do and say And if I want to live I've got to die to myself someday Papa sing my sing my sing my song Papa sing my sing my sing my song Papa sing my sing my sing my song Surrender
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