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Umphreys Mcgee – In The Kitchen tab

In the Kitchen
Umphrey's McGee

Here's the main riff...

Em7 Bsus4 Dm7 Asus4E-------10-----------------------|-------8------------------------|B------------8-----------7-------|-----------6--------------------|G----------------------------9---|---------------------7----------|D-----9--------------------------|-----7--------------7-----------|A-7--------------------9---------|-5-----------------7------------|E------------------7-------------|-----------------5--------------|
Em7 Bm7 It was cold in the kitchen and the lights were low Dm7 Am7 As winter slowly stumbled home Em7 Bm7 The air felt different and it started to show Dm7 Am7 As every breath resembled smoke Em7 Bm7 I was short of opinions and I wanted to know Dm7 Am7 If you'd still be here tomorrow Em7 Bm7 Cuz it was cold in the kitchen and the lights were low Dm7 Am7 As winter wrapped around Chicago Esus2 B The T.V.'s on too much D A And I don't ever think enough Esus2 B About the things that matter most D A Or what can make me old Esus2 B And there's no argument D A For wasting time much better spent Esus2 B Complacent(ly) *BB is not one to stick to the same lyrics... (in) replacing D A A melody with smoke I play these chords like this... As has been suggested, you can play around with these chords a lot. For instance, using m7th's or m11th's, or 7sus4's...
Em7 Bm7 Dm7 Am7 Esus2 B D AE-7---7---5---5---7-----7-5-5---|B-8---7---6---5---7-----7-7-5---|G-7---7---5---5---9-----8-7-6---|D-9---7---7---5---9-----9-7-7---|A-7---9---5---7---7-----9-5-7---|E-----7-------5---------7---5---|
Play this 3 times...
E G A G AE--------------------------------0--|-0-------------0---0------------|B-/9-----------------------------0--|-0-------------0---0------------|G-/9--11--9----------------------4--|-6-------------4---6------------|D-----11--9-/9-\7--6--6--4--2----5--|-7-------------5---7------------|A-----------/11\9--7--7--4--2----5--|-7-------------5---7------------|E--------------------------------3--|-5-------------3---5------------|
Or this way as suggested by Mark Gedmin (
Then this transition riff to get to the next part...
Repeat this with the following lyrics...
B A G F E F G AE-0---0--0---0--0---0--0---0-|B-0---0--0---0--0---0--0---0-|G-8---6--4---2--1---2--4---6-|D-9---7--5---3--2---3--5---7-|A-9---7--5---3--2---3--5---7-|E-7---5--3---1--0---1--3---5-|
I don't expect a smile when I come home But the blankets that I stole should keep you warm I hope there's not enough to fill a hole I'm further from the source to feel the floor Then this again...
Now repeat everything up to the 1st transition riff, and end with an A chord that fades into a B chord.
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