Uncle Tupelo – Weve Been Had tab

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From: si2_ri92175@debet.nhh.no (Runar Igesund)

This looks to be the final postings, with complete lyrics
thanks to John B. Carroll - jcarr@crl.com.

This riff goes through the song and is called just riff. G C Ge|--------------------------------|B|--------------------------------|G|3---4-3-4-3-4-3-4-2-0-----------|D|----------------------2-0-2-----|A|--------------------------------|E|--------------------------------|
@WE'VE BEEN HAD;ANODYNE by UNCLE TUPELO Riff (4 times) C G There's a guitar leaning C G On a Marshall stack C Am Used to sound like a sun on the horizon D Now I think , we've been had Riff (2 times) next verse There's a young girl screaming All the way in the back pour kid, she never saw it coming Now she knows, she's been had Riff (2 times) Bridge(lyrics?) G G/F# Watchin your labels, spinnin on my turntable Em7 Em7 There's no car waiting, my head phones C Em Every star that shines, in the back of my mind Am C Just waiting for it's cover to be done Riff and last verse There's a eardrum bleeding Yeah, it's in my head How could I still be, so in love when I know, we've been had Riff and Bridge(Don't know the lyrics) Republicans and democrats, they won't give you the facts Your parents won't tell you 'till you're grown That every star that hides on the back of the bus Is just wating for their cover to be blown Riff and guitar solo End on Bridge
SOME CHORDS G G/F# Em7 e|-3----3-----3-------------------| B|-3----3-----3-------------------| G|-0----0-----0-------------------| D|-0----0-----2-------------------| A|-2----2-----2-------------------| E|-3----2-----0-------------------|
-- Runar ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My my, hey hey, Rock'n roll is here to stay. Runar Igesund, SI2_RI92175@DEBET.NHH.NO Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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