Uncle Tupelo – Still Be Around tab

  A        E               B
I don't see you through the windshield
A           E              B
I don't see you in faces looking back at me
A               E             B        (E -optional)
Alcohol doesn't have much that matters to say
A                E         B              E
And imagine where you and time to kill will stay

    A           E             B                E
The bible is a bottle and the hardwood floor is home
     A            E            B
When morning comes twice a day or not at all
     A        E             B          E
If I break in two, will you put me back together
          A               E            B
When this puzzle's figured out will you still
    G#M      A    F#m
Be around
               G#M         A   F#m
To say you've just been there
Walk in a line
upside down

a               E        B
Walk and breathe many a cancerous mile
     A                E              B
When the bat of an eye is too slow to beat the coffin
     A            E      B
They won't show it on the TV
     A             E      B
They can't say it on the radio
         A               E         B       E
But it's moving off the shelf and into our lives
          A              E               B                     E
Till you can't tell the truth when it's right in front of your eyes


repeat: G#M A F#M (x2)
C#m A
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