Uncle Tupelo - Moonshiner tab

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Date: Thu, 25 Jul 96 17:35:34 -0500
From: Jim 

by Uncle Tupelo
Transcribed by John Erlinger (tardis@tetranet.net)

Traditional, arranged by Farrar/Tweedy (Warner-Tamerlane Pub./Feedhorn Songs
>From the Rockville Records album "March 16-20 1992" (ROCK6090-2)

This is my favorite song by one of my favorite bands.  There are two
guitars in the song and two ways to play it:

Play a harmonica in the key of "C" and strum along with the chords
throwing in plenty of suspended chords:

   Am/G   F/G    C/G                           G/B     G/C  G/D

Am/G F/G C/G I am a moonshiner G/B G/C G/D For seventeen long years Am/G F/G C/G And I spent all my money G/B G/C G/D On whiskey and beer F G/B C/G F
F G/B And I go to some hollow C/G F And set up my still If whiskey don't kill me Lord, I don't know what will And I go to some barroom To drink with my friends Where the women they can't follow To see what I spend God bless them, pretty women I wish they was mine With breath as sweet as The dew on the vine Let me eat when I'm hungry Let me drink when I'm dry Two dollars when I'm hard up Religion when I die The whole world is a bottle And life is but a dram When the bottle gets empty Lord, it sure ain't worth a damn Here's the version I like to play: (capo 5th fret) Em/D C/D G/D D
Em/D C/D G/D I am a moonshiner D For seventeen long years Em/D C/D G/D And I spent all my money D On whiskey and beer C D And I go to some hollow G C And set up my still If whiskey don't kill me Lord, I don't know what will There's a incredible live version of "Moonshiner" by the Tupes on "Live From The Mountain Stage Vol. 7" on Blue Plate Records. More Uncle Tupelo stuff including transcriptions: http://www.webcom.com/~gumbo/uncle-tupelo.html
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