Moonshiner chords with lyrics by Uncle Tupelo - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Uncle Tupelo – Moonshiner chords

  Am     F     C
  C          G

[Verse 1]
  Am  F     C
I am a moonshiner
C GFor seventeen long years
Am F CAnd I spent all my money
C GOn whiskey and beer
F GAnd I go to some hollow
C FAnd set up my still
Am F CIf whiskey don't kill me
C GLord, I don't know what will
[Break] Am F C C G [Verse 2]
Am F CAnd I go to some barroom
C GTo drink with my friends
Am F CWhere the women they can't follow
C GTo see what I spend
F GGod bless them, pretty women
C FI wish they was mine
Am F CWith breath as sweet as
C GThe dew on the vine
[Break] (2X) Am F C C G [Verse 3]
Am F CLet me eat when I'm hungry
C GLet me drink when I'm dry
Am F CTwo dollars when I'm hard up
C GReligion when I die
F GThe whole world is a bottle
C FAnd life is but a dram
Am F CWhen the bottle gets empty
C GLord, it sure ain't worth a damn
[Break] (and fade) Am F C C G
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