Uncle Tupelo – Wherever chords

This is just the basic chords, there's a guitar part after the third verse I think that 
I can't figure out on my own, but this is a beautiful song to play around a campfire, 
chords'll do you just fine. No capo or anything necessary.

Intro: G C/G G

C/G G Bm C/GWhen you get back from wherever
Let me know what its like And I'll tell you, I'll tell you What its like to watch you go G C/G G
C/G G Bm C/GYou say, "Hey, what's that mean"
Make it sound so simple And you say, "Hey, what's that mean" Don't make it sound so simple Em G
C/G GSo dont even try
Bm C/GCuz this is your day
Even the sky might go your way You know I'll get by, just bein' okay So good tonight, but this is your day
C/G G Bm C/GWhen you get back from, who cares
I really When you get back from, wherever You sure let me know
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