Unhindered – People Of God chords

Intro: F#m/// //A/ D/// //Bm/

Verse 1:
F#m A DRise up rise up everybody believe
Bm F#mIt’s time it’s time for the people to sing
A D BmCome on come on everybody be free
Verse 2:
F#m A DBreak down break down all the walls that you have
Bm F#mLet go let go all that’s holding you back
A D EGet up get up everybody be free
DCan you hear the sound
E (F#m)Rising all around
BmGonna shout it louder
E F#mGonna shout it out to you!
AWe’re the people of God
F#m We’re the body of Christ
E/G# A Bm D C#mWe are more than alive
F#m AStand up and shout out His name
D E Lift up your hands and proclaim, proclaim
Intro Jesus is alive Verse 3:
F#m A DWake up wake up are you falling asleep
Bm F#mRight now right now there’s a people in need
A D EShine on shine on the world’s waiting to see
F#m F#m A Bm D (x3) F#m A E
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