Unhindered – Who Is Like The Lord chords

Capo 2

F#m D A E x2

F#m DI hear voices in the distance, but my heart is in resistance.
A ETrying to discern, and learn the heart for the one for whom my heart burns.
F#mRaising against lies of the enemy,
Claiming darkness the greater reality.
DBut there's something bigger than you and me,
ABigger than what I can see.
EA city on a hill calling life to those who follow,
Healing and wholeness for those who sorrow.
Bm7Who holds the stars in his hand?
DBuilt his temple in mortal man?
Bm7Called dry bones to rise and stand?
EIn the beginning was the word, the word became flesh.
F#m DDarkness, is history that's the rest.
AWho is like the lord?
E F#m D Who shows unfailing love to the undeserving? Holy god and humbleness serving?
EThose who marked and crucified him.
F#m D ADead, buried, rising again. And us with him.
E Bm7Singing with him in heavenly places. Higher than these earthly spaces.
EIt is finished, the ransom paid, foundation laid.
New hope, new life. It's a brand new day F#m D A E
F#m D AForever I will glorify your name
E F#mFor you alone displayed your love for me
F#m D AMy life will be a Holy offering
EUp to you
Bm7 DI will love and adore you
(I will love and adore you)
Bm7 EThere is no one above you
F#mMy soul will sing
D A EWho is like the Lord Almighty?
F#m D E F#mHow beautiful your name in all the Earth
D A EWho is like the king of glory?
Bm7 EMy soul will sing
Bridge x2
Bm7You took on all my sin
DYou made your home within
ENow my life is in your hands
Bm7And everything I am
DEverything I've been
EIs yours, is yours
Chorus (After chorus)
E Bm7Who is like the lord?
EMy soul will sing
F#m D A EWho is like the lord?
F#m D E
F#m D A EWho is like the lord?
Bm7 EMy soul will sing
F#m D A EWho is like the lord?
F#m D A E F#m Theres no one like you
D A EOh there's no one, there's no one, my soul will sing
F#m DMy heart will sing. There's no one, there's no one.
(Beyond the stars, he'll bring new life)
A E F#m D A E There's no one like you, there's no one like you!
(He'll open our eyes................to see)
F#m D A E F#m Glory, honor, and power belong to you x3
F#m D A E x6
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