Union – Dead tab

Riff A

(Riff *b*) (Riff B) (Bruce jumps in with this) (Just listen for it)E---------------------------------------------------- -----1------|B---------------------------------------------------- -----1------|G---------6-4---------6-6---------6-4---------6-5-4--------------------|D---------6-4---------6-6---------6-4---------6-5-4--------------------|A-0-2-3-2-4-2-0-2-3-2-4-4-0-2-3-2-4-2-0-2-3-2-4-3-2--------------------|E-0-2-3-2-----0-2-3-2-----0-2-3-2-----0-2-3-2--------------------------|
(Riff D)E--------------------| THIS IS PLAYED DURING FOR THE CHORUSB-4‹-4‹-4----6‹-6‹-6-|G‹-6‹-6-------6‹-6---|D---6‹-6-------6‹-6--|A--------------------|E--------------------| (4x) (4x) then the first part (2x)
All the lead stuff that Bruce jumps in with starts on string one and on frets 5 and up u get to playing the song and getting a feel for it, it gets easier to figure out the partsŠ oh the solo start¹s at the 12th fret (what a surprise) which I think is Bruce¹s trademark for solos or something. (Riff A) then (Riff B) then (riff B) w/(Riff *b*) (Riff C) IN YOUR YOUTH YOU HAD YOUR FILL THE CURTAINS CLOSE THE SILENCE STILL (riff B) w/(riff *b*) (Riff C) IN YOU HEAD YOU ARE THE STAR BUT I CAN¹T SEE YOU AS YOU ARE (riff B) w/(some solo stuff) (Riff D) DEAD YOUR SO YOUR OF TOUCH DEAD BECAUSE YOU TALK TO MUCH YOU THINK YOU¹RE ON HIGHER GROUND INTELLIGENCE IS SO PROFOUND WELL IM NEVER COMIN DOWN Your razor tongue has lost its rhyme The words are dull and out of time You make no difference to me Cause I can¹t teach the blind to see Chorus Solo w/(riff C) repeat, then (riff A) Chorus
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