United Pursuit – Set A Fire chords

			     Set a Fire - United Pursuit Band
Tabbed by: Guitar dude.
Email: AHwl77@aol.com, Hey this would be my first tab I havent seen this one here so im 
just hoping to get it up. Its so Easy guys its just C F Am F
thats it. You can also do this in Capo 5 with the chords being G D Em C, just play it 
the same as standard with the words n such
Heres there FaceBook page if ya want it and for your guys data base, 

Tuning: Standard

C No Place I'd rather be
F No Place I'd rather be
Am No place I'd rather be
F Here in your Love, Here in your love
C F Set a Fire Down in my Soul
Am That I cant contain that I cant control
FI want more of you God I want more of you God
its just that simple, Get playing guys God Bless Psalm 22:3 Also if I messed up lemme know.
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