United Pursuit – Lockstep chords

Lockstep By United Pursuit Band (Will Reagan)
Andrew Hunter
Standard Tuning: EADGBe


Verse 1:

Am CSafe from all the raging storms
Am C (G)Find me in Your loving arms
Am CFree from all my doubt and fears
Am C (G)I have found a haven here
C Am GHal- le - lu - jah
F CHe is with me
F C AmI am not alone
F C G AmYour Love is sweeter than honey
F C G AmYour Love is stronger than death
F C G AmYour Love lifts me of my burdens
F C G AmTeaches me To dance
Verse 2:
Am CLockstep with my God and King
Am C (G)Move in perfect harmony
Am CFeel the rhythms of His Heart
Am C (G)Know the Joy that He Imparts
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