Unknown – The Family Crest - Romeo chords

Em   D   C   D   E

(Verse 1)
C D EmMy ball and chain, she moves against the sea again
C D ESilent and obscure, shallow and unsure, She-boom she-boom
C D EmHer heart it goes, it raps against her chest again
C D EIt muddles up the pain, casts like wind and rain, she move, she moves
C D E C But my libido is sprung and my heart it did long for your wondrous touch
C D E CBut as night did draw on I could hear the faint found of a crowd,
DHark their voices they sang
Em G DGo get Romeo, his Juliet is on her back and she is
C D Em D C DGiving away, she's giving away, she's giving away
Em DEverything that they had
Em G D C DGo get Romeo, his Juliet is on her back again
(Verse 2) Well, my ball and chain, she drove me to feel young again That way she moves, seduction through and through, Sh-boom, sh-boom She stomped her boot to the sound of an (???) guitar And the sound of my heart came out in unison but far away They say she'll be back in his bed again (Chorus) (Instrumental Break) (Bridge) (Chorus)
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