Unsane – Ha Ha Ha tab

Artist - Unsane
Album - Wreck
Song - Ha Ha Ha
Year - 2012
Guitarist - Chris Spencer
Tabber - Alowishus
Date - 1/06/2012

This song is a cover of Flippers "Ha Ha Ha" from their 1984 album Blow N' Chunks. You 
need some serious fuzz/distortion for this one! :P

I haven't tabbed the "noise" breakdown sections. I just improvise those but the actual 
chords are all here.

The main riff - intro/verse/post chorus (rhythm) is this:

There is then another riff which is played during the chorus i.e. the ha ha ha ha ha part. It is:
The post-chorus or bridge then has the noisy breakdown sections. The main riff is played as rhythm guitar in those parts but i usually play random chords around the 12-14 fret for the lead. Enjoy.
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