Urge - Jump Right In tab

Song: "Jump Right In"
Band: The Urge
Album: Master of Styles (Epic Records) 
Tabbed By: Colin McGinnis (colin@h2net.net)
Lyrical Assistance: Chris Hanks (crhanks@siu.edu)

NOTES: - Standard tuning (EADGBE)
       - Intro & Verses use 3 pitch strings (GBE), so I used those strings
	 only to save space
       - Chorus uses power chords on lower three strings (see Chorus Chords
       - Play the verses with a reggae-esque "chink-a" style

ENJOY! I can't hear the guitar very well during the chorus, so I'm pretty
much faking that, but I think everything else works. If you have suggestions
/complaints/feedback, please email me at colin@h2net.net

Chorus Chords
     E  A  D  G  B  E
Bb:  6  8  8  X  X  X
F:   8  8 10  X  X  X
Ab: 11 11 13  X  X  X

h = hammer on
p = pull off
x = mute strings


E-|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|B-|10----------10--------6--5h6p5--6--------10-----11-----10---10h11p10--8-----| G-|-7----10--7--------5------------------7------7----------7-------------------|
E-|----------------------------------------------------11-11--11-11--11-11--11-|B-|10----------10-------6--5h6p5--6-------10-----------11-11--11-11--11-11--11-| G-|-7----10--7-------5-----------------7------7---8----10-10--10-10--10-10--10-|
E-|----x------x-x-------x------x-x--------x------x-x--------x------x-----------|B-|----x--10--x-x-10----x---8--x-x--8-----x--11--x-x-11-----x--11--x-11-11-----|G-|----x---7--x-x--7----x---5--x-x--5-----x---8--x-x--8-----x---8--x--8--8-----| Sitting at the ...
E-|----x------x-x-------x---8--x-x--8-----x------x-x--------x------x-----------|B-|----x--10--x-x-10----x---8--x-x--8-----x--11--x-x-11-----x---8--x--8h10-----|G-|----x---7--x-x--7----x---5--x-x--5-----x---8--x-x--8-----x---8--x--8--------| One million thoughts ...
E-|----x------x-x-------x------x-x--------x------x-x--------x------x-----------|B-|----x--10--x-x-10----x---8--x-x--8-----x--11--x-x-11-----x--11--x-11-11-----|G-|----x---7--x-x--7----x---5--x-x--5-----x---8--x-x--8-----x---8--x--8--8-----| Tease me just a little ...
Verse (Line 4a)
E-|----x------x-x-------x---8--x-x--8-----x--11--x-x-11-----x--11--x-11-11-----|B-|----x--10--x-x-10----x---8--x-x--8-----x--11--x-x-11-----x--11--x-11-11-----|G-|----x---7--x-x--7----x---5--x-x--5-----x---8--x-x--8-----x---8--x--8--------| Fully aware for this ...
(Repeat first 3 lines of Verse) Not too much that can ...
Verse (Line 4b) (start soft and crescendo to loud)E-|----x------x-x-------x---8--x-x--8-----------------------------------------|B-|----x--10--x-x-10----x---8--x-x--8----11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11--|G-|----x---7--x-x--7----x---5--x-x--5----10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10--| Now I'm in ...
Pre-chorus (Line 1) E-|----x-----------------------------------------------------------------------|B-|---10----------------8----------------11-----------------8------------------|G-|----7----------------5-----------------8-----------------8------------------| Even though she was no stranger ....
(Line 2a) (crescendo as above)E-|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B-|---10--10------10----8------8----8----11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11--|G-|----7---7-------7----5------5----5----10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10--| No song and dance ....
Chorus (w/ distortion but at low volume, horns & bass should get the attention) Bb F Ab Fought the urge to do it ... What the hell? here I ... (Repeat both lines of Chorus) (Repeat Intro) (Verse lines 1,2,3,4a) Standing in the doorway of .... (Repeat Verse lines 1,2,3,4b) Turns into this one thing I .... (Repeat Chorus: Each line twice) (Repeat Intro, except hold the 8 on the G-string; no ending chords)
Bass SoloE-|----- B-|-----G-|--7-- <---- Just hold that note (or an octave) and play with your effects
(Repeat Pre-Chorus Line 1) Even though she was no stranger, Chose the one, jeep me out of danger
Pre Chorus (Line 2b)E-|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|B-|---10--10------10----8------8----8----11-------11--11---11-------11----11---|G-|----7---7-------7----5------5----5----10-------10--10---10-------10----10---| No song and dance I took my ...
(Repeat Pre-Chorus Lines 1, 2a) Just jump right in I said to her, .... (Repeat Chorus: Each line 3 times) Outro Bb F Fought the urge...
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