Ute Lemper – Memory tab

MEMORY – Kina Grannis
Tabbed by: Kengus

Standard tuning
Capo on third fret!

This how I hear it, I think I got most of it. At least the intro and the
verse. The chorus I'm not so sure about, but it works. Have fun.

INTRO Cmaj7 D6sus4 Em7/De|-----------------------------------------------------|B|-------0-------------0-------------0-----------0-----|G|-0-----------0-------------0-------------0-----------|D|---0-----0-------0-----0-------0-----0-----0-----0---| continue sameA|-3---3-----3-3/5---5-----5-5/7---7-----7-7---7-----7-| pattern in theE|-----------------------------------------------------| verse, chords
Cmaj7 D6sus4 Em7/D Em9/D change slightlye|-----------------------------------------------------|B|-------0-------------0-------------0-----7-----------| the same patternG|-0-----------0-------------0-------------------------| is also used inD|---0-----0-------0-----0-------0-----0---------------| the chorus I thinkA|-3---3-----3-3/5---5-----5-5/7---7-----7-------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------|
VERSE1 Cmaj7 D6sus4 Get beneath the bed it's another attack Em7/D But when the monster turns man, you don't know how to react Cmaj7 D6sus4 And daddy named it the singing bridge Em7/D in memory of the ghosts that lived here Cmaj7 D6sus4 Em7/D D6sus4 Cmaj7 D6sus4 Em7/D Em9/D My timing could not have been better she cried CHORUS x2 Em D6add4 Cmaj7 Em = xx2003 And although she's gone D6add4 = xx0002 D6add4 Em Cmaj7 = x32000 Although it’s over D6add4 Cmaj7 [after 2nd time straight into intro] A memory hangs on Em A memory [repeat intro] VERSE2 (same as before) As the dust settles and the smoke is rising Up about the clouds a dove is crying I leave a trail of copper faces all around the town in different places I'd like to think that they'll be happy, or try CHORUS x2 (same as before) And although she's gone Although it’s over A memory hangs on A memory [repeat intro also in the end] ======================================================================= Comment, rate, appreciate!
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