U2 – Numb chords

|G |G |Cadd9 |Cadd9 |  x2

[Verse 1]
GDon't move
GDon't talk out-a time
GDon't think
G Cadd9Don't worry, everything's just fine
Cadd9Just fine
[Verse 2]
GDon't grab
GDon't clutch
GDon't hope for too much
GDon't breathe
GDon't achieve
G Cadd9Don't grieve without leave
[Verse 3]
EmDon't check, just balance on the fence
EmDon't answer
EmDon't ask
Em Cadd9Don't try and make sense
[Verse 4]
GDon't whisper
GDon't talk
GDon't run if you can walk
GDon't cheat, compete
G Cadd9Don't miss the one beat
[Verse 5]
GDon't travel by train
GDon't eat
GDon't spill
GDon't piss in the drain
G Cadd9Don't make a will
[Verse 6]
GDon't fill out any forms
GDon't compensate
GDon't cover
GDon't crawl
G Cadd9Don't come around late
Cadd9Don't hover at the gate
[Verse 7]
EmDon't take it on board
EmDon't fall on your sword
Em Cadd9Just play another chord
Cadd9If you feel you're getting bored
GI feel numb
G Cadd9I feel numb
CToo much is not enough
[Verse 8]
GDon't change your brand (I feel numb)
GDon't listen to the band
GDon't gape
GDon't ape
G Cadd9Don't change your shape (Gimme some more)
CHave another grape (Too much is not enough)
G Cadd9Gimme some more
Cadd9A piece of me, baby
[Instrumental] |G |G |Cadd9 |Cadd9 | [Verse 9]
GDon't plead
GDon't bridle
GDon't shackle
GDon't grind
GDon't curve
GDon't swerve
Cadd9Lie, die, serve
[Verse 10]
GDon't theorise, realise, polarise
G Cadd9Chance, dance, dismiss, apologise
[Verse 11]
GDon't spy
GDon't lie
GDon't try
G Cadd9Start again
[Verse 12]
GDon't triumph
GDon't coax
GDon't cling
GDon't hoax
GDon't freak
GDon't leak
G Cadd9Don't speak
[Verse 13]
EmDon't project
EmDon't connect
EmDon't expect
CDon't project
CDon't connect
CDon't expect
[Verse 14]
GDon't struggle
GDon't jerk
GDon't collar
GDon't work
GDon't wish
GDon't fish
GDon't teach
G Cadd9Don't reach
[Verse 15]
GDon't borrow
GDon't break
GDon't fence
GDon't steal
GDon't pass
GDon't press
GDon't try
G Cadd9Don't feel
[Verse 16]
GDon't touch
GDon't dive
GDon't suffer
GDon't rhyme
GDon't fantasise
GDon't rise
G Cadd9Don't lie
[Verse 17]
Cadd9Don't project
Cadd9Don't connect
GDon't expect
GDon't project
GDon't connect
GDon't expect
GI feel numb
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