Undivided – Overcomer chords


G  C  G  C  G

Verse 1:

Em CLoved ones are gathered there
G/B DWaiting on the shore
Em CFor the arrival
Dsus DOf a hero from the war
C D GThere is a celebration now
CNo one noticed
Am G/BThis is how heaven is
C Dsus - DOn occasions like this
G C GAn over-comer has come over
CZion’s castle is at the harbor
Em DAnother soldier greets the Savior
B7 EmHeaven sees a welcomed soul
C Dsus - DAn over-comer has come over
G C G Finally home
Verse 2:
Em CHe crossed the finish line
G/B DAnd victory is won
Em CHe has a healing now
Dsus DThat cannot be undone
C D GThough he is gone he is not lost
CWe know where he is
Am G/BThat is why we can sing
C Dsus - DOn occasions like this
Repeat Chorus Bridge:
D# FHe fought his fight
Dm D#His race is run
G ANow he’s in the presence of the One
Repeat Chorus Tag:
CHe fought his fight
DHis race is run
GFinally home
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