Cosmic Noise chords with lyrics by Unstrung Harp - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Unstrung Harp – Cosmic Noise chords

[Verse 1]

Dmaj9/F#Up on the wardrobe
C#m15 past midnight
EGloom like cotton
Dmaj9/F#A big TV set
C#mwith volume rolled back
Eand a sci-fi show on
Dmaj9/F# C#mThrowing some light on what the day couldn't quite
DSee done
A E E Fmaj7/E* G6 EYou'd like to get up now but you've been hit by a laser gun
E Fmaj7/E* G6 FThrough a stack of old magazines you hoped would work like a time machine
And they did
EExcept not in the literal sense
E Fmaj7/E* G6 FThe bit you were looking for was supposed to open the door into summer
EBut turned out to be something else
[Chorus 1]
Dm F Bb GmTime is running out now for the captain on the screen
Dm Bb G F EUntil you pull the plug on what till now has been
A6add9/F# A/F# Dmaj9/F# EYour favourite spaceship
C#m D5 Eaugand make it disappear without a trace
Em(no 5) A5 Em(no5)The one threat
C/E G/B E5 G D Emhe's not likely quite prepared to face
DBut hey, that's the breaks
Em CYou either have what it takes
DOr you don't
Dm Bb G6And he knew he was picking the losing side
Dadd9/F# Dmaj9/F# D F DIn any case
[Verse 2]
Dmaj9/F# C#m EAnother stripe of light on the ceiling
From a passing car
Dmaj9/F# C#m EAnd unlike the stars the morning's now not too far
[Chorus 2]
A6add9/F# A/F# C#m F# DThe cold eyes of the universe are indifferent to the scheme
A E7 F#mThat you fucked up for the millionth time
DmBut still can't seem
Bbm F G6 Dadd9/F# Dmaj9/F# D F DTo give up on the dream
[END] Some of the relatively unusual chord shapes used are:
Dmaj9/F# 2-0-0-2-2-0Fmaj7/E* 0-3-3-2-0-0 (with extra dissonance due to the added B note)
G6 3-2-0-0-3-0 A6add9/F# 2-0-2-2-0-0 A/F# 2-0-2-2-2-0 D5 X-X-7-7-X-X Eaug X-7-6-5-X-X Em(no 5) 0-7-5-X-X-X C/E 0-3-2-X-X-X G/B X-2-0-0-X-X E5 0-2-2-X-X-X Dadd9/F# 2-0-0-2-3-0
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