Valdy – Hello Mr Record Man chords

Hello Mr. Record Man
DHello, Mr. Record man, word has it that you plan.
ETo let me make a record in a week or two.
ADont you see its not like that,
A7I realize you aint too fat,
G D E7 A7 DBut surely you could front me just a little bit more time.
DHello Mr. Agent Man, word has it that you plan,
ETo cancel out my one-night stand in Oshawa.
AMy manager misspells my name,
A7And tells me things arent quite the same,
G D E7 A7 DWhen fingers started pointing, he exclaimed that it was mine.
GAnd how are you Mom and Dad?
BmThe news, it sure made me sad,
Em (barre) A B7To hear that dear old Brownie slipped away.. ..
E G#mI guess things just come and go,
C#m ENothing stays the same you know,
B G A A7Im sorry I didnt come to say hello on Christmas Day..
DAnd hello, Mr. Public, I just stopped by to play a lick,
ETried to look enthusiastic and could not raise a smile.
AI guess its time to leave the road,
A7And hang up eighteen years or so,
G D E7 A7 DIt sure aint an easy thing to sell this old guitar.
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