Valentines – Breakaway tab

the valentines - breakaway

one of the first bands of bon scott from ac/dc

tabbed by tim (

i'm not too sure about the lyrics.
please email me with corrections

**intro + verse1**
Am - G - F - Dm

you're daddy is working hard 
and your mama , too
you gotta get the kids to school
(get'em out , get'em out)
you got to empathise 
i can sympathise 
you know i've been there,too
E - Dm
(tooooo , tooooo )

**pre chorus**
Am - F - Dm - C

just keep the faith 
why should we wait
there is a place for me and you
we'll stand the test
i' ll do my best 
lord will do the rest
C		  E
we'll make it through   

C - F

(breakaway) from the hot steam in ????
(takeaway)  from the ???
(breakaway) like the sound of the thunder
it take ??????

Am - G - F - Dm

you're gonna choke
from the smoke
from the clouds up above my head
(up above my head)
gonna t???
from the ????
of the promises that they said
E - Dm


Am - G - F - Dm
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