Valient Thorr – Heatseeker tab

Valient Thorr - Heatseeker

This was tabbed by Eidan Thorr. I got permission from him to "spread the word however
see fit"  when he posted it on the forum. Have fun. Thanks Eidan!

Eidan Thorr - "I've seen a few different posts on how to play the intro to heatseeker.
fact  that you guys are playing our songs is an unbelievable compliment. but as
they are your songs as well. So,..i've never typed tab before so, this is how to play 
intro to heatseeker.

1. 1st three notes are single notes played as a triplet only you don't have to pick 3
you can just hammer onto the 3rd fret.
2. the ) mark means bend but you can hear all that stuff on the record and apply to this 
3. these positions make up a lot of the songs variations. listen closely to the
of the chords. a lot of times they are single notes and variations on root chords.  
actually used in this song at all.
4. I'm not sure if I should be doing this because figuring it out half the fun but whatever....."

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